Redboy rascal jeep boze cross

(feat. mary)

AKlass Kennels. Termite Redboy /Jocko Jeep Rascal at it’s best. We feel that the Redboy /Jocko line that we work with is the most consistent high percentage line of. Have any one use or have this bloodline. .. Jeep red boy turtle buster if so what do i have two sired by a turtlebuster/ redboy @ jeep / redboy cross and they are. Redboy /Jocko Jeep / Redboy strong conformation.We also pride ourselfs with retaining some of the older great producing lines,like the Boudreaux Boze strain,the. Can someone give me some info on how well would a tight Maverick bred male cross with a tight Jeep / Redboy / Rascal female. I've read on here and heard from a few people i know that the cross above is a good working cross ..My question is what does the Rascal. Jeep , Redboy , and Rascal. Jocko/ Redboy / Jeep /Boyles & bolio bloodlines ,These are the real deal Pit Bulls & not for everyone !! My dogs come from the best bloodlines in the world & are still. The jeep / rascal and the bolio/tombstone blood are being carefully crossed into our redboy /jocko dogs to produce (ace caliber dogs). (Pure RedBoy /Jocko/ jeep ). JEEP , REDBOY , RASCAL CROSS EARL JR. BOLIO WEB Jan 26, 2010 15:47:27 GMT -5. Quote. Select Post; Deselect Post; Link to Post; Back to Top; Post by Guest on Jan 26.

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